Plymouth Tea History


A couple of people have asked how we first came up with the idea of Plymouth Tea, so i thought id give you the brief story.

Every year I take a short holiday in beautiful mid Wales(not as beautiful as Dartmoor but a very close second). While I’m there I usually spend a day at the Royal Welsh Show which my father in law is vice president. While there in 2010 I struck up conversation with one of the directors of ‘Welsh Brew’ a tea of which I was not familiar however after listening to his story it struck me that living in Plymouth there was perhaps an opportunity to do something similar only as a hobby you understand(weekend farmers markets etc) so began a 2 year development process. Plymouth Tea was never designed to be a ‘county tea’ as there are hundreds of them and at that point there was already a Devonshire Tea(whom was run by Gavin and Debbie who are lovely BTW)

Plymouth Tea was conceived to be as Plymouth Gin is to the Gin Business, we have a shabby chic design and have a much larger range than any of the county teas. Plus having to compete long term with PG Tips, Tetley and the like was not something we wanted to do, we wanted to create a luxury tea that was the best in the business and we firmly believe we have done that, it may be a long road but we are ready for it

If you are interested in stocking or purchasing Plymouth Tea please gives us a ring.

PLYMOUTH TEA – why settle for standard when you can have luxury?

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  • Tim Cross