Since launching only 2 weeks ago one of the things we have had to start producing is Point Of Sale information, such as posters. With that in mind I spoke to our designer and asked her to come up with some posters which we felt:

  1. Represented Plymouth Tea and its brand
  2. Made people want to buy a box of Plymouth Tea
  3. Made people have good feelings when they viewed them

The results were very good and we decided that we wanted not only a nautical theme but also a ‘Tea Party’ theme too.

We have decided to supply some of the shops carrying our tea with A2 sized posters which hark back to the early part of the 20th century, when people think of Plymouth they think of all the wonderful history that has taken place in this city, some of which is reflected in our 3 blends, Mayflower, Armada and Drake.

If you are out and about in Plymouth and see one of our posters we hope it gives you the feeling we hoped it would.

Contact us if you would like to sell Plymouth Tea.

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  • Tim Cross