Tea for the Cornish!


Plymouth is viewed by a great deal of Cornish folk as ‘’being part of Cornwall’’ Plymouth has endured a treasured position in this stead, often remaining neutral in the Devon & Cornwall rivalry.


Indeed recently the Cornish Pirates Rugby Club were considering a move to Plymouth Argyle F.C to play games, and though there were some rumblings most people on both sides of the border seemed to agree it was the best solution, one wonders what the response would have been had they been looking to move to Torquay or Exeter.


We here at Plymouth Tea love Cornwall and love the Cornish way of life and we believe you will love our luxury Plymouth Tea, with 3 blends to choose from depending on your particular preference.


Part of our mission over the next 12 months is to introduce Plymouth Tea to the Cornish and Cornwall. We are sure you will love Plymouth Tea as much as we do.


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  • Tim Cross