The Ultimate Luxury Cream Tea


Cream Teas have been around Britain since the 11th Century and have disputed origins whether being borne of Devon or Cornwall either way we know that they can be the perfect accompaniment to a summer day.


At Plymouth Tea we are not disputing the method but merely giving our humble opinion on the best ingredients you will need


Scones (now this can prove trickier than one might think, Some scones with crumble when you cut into them, some will give you a nasty baking powder after taste, and some for some absurd reason will have sugar on top!)


Plymouth Tea recommends you choose Scones from  Theses scones can be, if necessary cut into 3! And in our humble opinion are the best.


A local Jam of your choice. Some jams can be very very sweet so we recommend a raspberry jam however most people prefer strawberry but try and choose a jam which contains whole fruit, not a jelly.


Clotted Cream is very important, do not be tempted to use whipping cream or even worse tinned sterilised cream, it must be a clotted cream. We recommend, Langage Farm Clotted Cream with its golden crust and delicious taste  it spreads perfectly and tastes wonderful.


Tea, you’ve guessed it! You must pick a luxury tea for your cream tea, It cannot be a tea which leaves a bitter after taste or a tea which has no taste whatsoever. It must be a tea which brews quickly but doesn’t stew quickly.


Plymouth Tea is a luxury tea which makes your cream tea perfect.

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  • Tim Cross