Creating our luxury tea blends involved a painstaking process, we have persisted in trying to improve our tea - we are confident we have achieved perfection for each of our blends.

Plymouth Tea has three signature tea blends, Drake, Armada and Mayflower.

Each blend has been created to provide the drinker with a taste of luxury. Drake's blend is the strongest tea in the collection, ideal for those who like their tea dark and rich in flavour. Armada blend is our medium flavoured tea, perfect for everyday tea drinkers and Mayflower is our milder flavoured tea, still with a distinctive taste, perfect with milk and sugar.

Which tea you choose is entirely up to you - we find that many people enjoy the stronger flavoured Drake's Blend with milk, it brews very quickly in the pot or cup and will deliver maximum flavour.

Why not order a box of each and see which blend you prefer?

Plymouth Tea - Luxury Tea Blends

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