Plymouth Tea Earl Grey is a blend of fine teas which have been treated with natural oils of the Bergamot citrus fruit, which gives the tea a distinctive perfumed aroma and flavour. We have strived to create one of the finest Earl Grey Teas available.

Legend has it that the tea was created in the honour of the Prime Minister, Charles Grey (the 2nd Earl Grey) who helped rescue the drowning son of a Chinese mandarin while on a diplomatic mission. The mandarin was so grateful that he presented the Earl with the blend in 1803.

Delicately scented with Oil of Bergamot, we often receive praise for our Earl Grey, with customers saying they can smell the tea before they have even opened the package. Our Earl grey can be taken with or without milk or with a slice of fresh lemon for a refreshing and revitalising drink.

Earl Grey

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Earl Grey - Luxury Tea Bags
Earl Grey - Luxury Tea Bags

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