Drake's Blend - Loose Leaf Tea - Set of 3


The namesake tea of Sir Francis Drake, this blend has a very special strength that comes from deep within, and a character that is unforgettable.  With one of most famous historic figures from the area in mind, the experts at Plymouth Tea came up with this blend which accurately described the man best known for deciding to finish his game of bowls before bringing about one of the greatest victories in history against the Spanish Armada.

Loose leaf tea is the best way to experience the great taste of Drake's Blend, and this gift set offers your lucky recipient the chance to discover it for themselves.  Watch as the ruby red and russet tones escape from the mix to infuse the water, and marvel at its splendor in flavour, appearance and aroma.

The Taste: A strong blend of selected Indian and African teas, Drake's Blend is for the tea drinker who likes a rich character and body from their tea. Dark red in colour and strong in aroma.

Serving Suggestion: Drake's blend has been designed to be served with milk as it is strong in flavour. It can also be enjoyed with savoury meals on returning from a long days work or from a trip.


3 x boxes of 250g Loose Leaf Drake's Blend Tea

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