Mayflower Blend - Luxury Tea Bags - Set of 3


Mayflower Blend is the real taste of a 'good English cup of tea'.  This is the cup of tea that we imagine the Pilgrims that journeyed to discover the new world from the Mayflower Steps would have craved during their long voyage. The picture of English civilisation, this tea makes a sophisticated brew with a refreshing flavour.

This gift set contains three boxes of 40 teabags which makes a wonderful gift for tea enthusiasts, allowing them to discover the delectable taste of your favourite brand.  With three boxes, this allows one to be taken into the office for that moment of serenity we all need from time to time, one to be displayed proudly on the shelf at home, and one to be kept in reserve - so you need never run out!

The Taste: Mayflower is blended to be the classic ‘English Cup of Tea', when taken with milk and sugar as desired, this is a tea that can bring you straight back to England in your mind, wherever in the world you have been roaming.  A firm tasting classic made using the finest high-grown Kenya tea.

Serving Suggestion: This tea is usually the favourite for afternoon tea, being light enough to be taken with delicious snacks or a small meal, but characterful enough to be a treat to be savoured - even on its own. It can be drunk with or without milk as it is mild in flavour.

Directions: Place one tea bag per person into a teapot, or one teabag into a tea cup. Fill the pot with boiling water and allow it to brew for 3 to 5 minutes before serving.

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