Drake's Blend - Luxury Tea Bags


Drake's blend is a homage to the great man who thought it imperative to finish his game of bowls before getting ready to battle the Spanish Armada encroaching on Plymouth Sound. Strong in character like the man himself, a cup of Drake's blend has a mighty and full-bodied flavour for your delectation.

The Taste: A muscular blend of selected Indian and African teas, Drake's Blend is for the tea drinker who likes strength and body from their tea. Dark red in colour and strong in aroma.

Serving Suggestion: Drake's blend has been designed to be served with milk as it is strong in flavour. 

Drake's blend is to be enjoyed with savoury meals on returning from a long days work or from a trip.

Directions: Place one tea bag per person into a teapot, or one teabag into a tea cup. Fill the pot with boiling water and allow it to brew for 3 to 5 minutes before serving.

Our bagged tea is available in the following quantities:

40 Tea bags (Boxed)

50 Tea bags (Boxed with each bag having an individual tag and string)

300 Tea bags (Large bag)

250 Individually Wrapped Bags

Please Note: Our 300 catering bags, 250 Foil Wrapped Bags and boxes of 50 string and tags are not in retail boxes so do not have the luxury branding.

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