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It might sound a little frilly, but everyone loves a good cup of tea. You know your customers and what they like to drink. We know tea and together we can find the right tea to enhance your customers' experience and improve their loyalty to your business.

Having fun

Upgrading the teas you sell doesn't have to be a headache,  but it can be great fun and help improve your profits. Display your teas in glass jars and let your customers experience the visual delights of tea, their different aromas and feel. Consider extending your range to include green teas or iced teas or hold your very own tea tasting to launch your new range of teas.

Easy online ordering

Register with us as a trade customer and we'll give you access to our online store where you can browse or place an order online at a time that suits you best or call us direct on +44 (0)1752 695220  and we'll gladly assist.