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Join the Plymouth Tea Office Tea Club and enjoy great tasting tea at discount prices.

Register today for discount prices

If you register your office with us you can order your tea online whenever you want at discounted prices and have your order delivered the next day, directly to the office. Imagine being able to drink Drake's Blend at your desk or start your working day with a great tasting cup of Mayflower. Sounds good huh?

Taste great tea

We only sell high quality tea, and all of our tea blends offer superb taste. Whether you choose the convenience of tea bags or loose tea you can be assured you are drinking high quality teas, picked at peak season when they taste their best.

Keep healthy, keep cool

In the warmer weather, don't reach for the sugary drinks, why not make refreshing healthy iced teas that will help keep you cool and alert at your desk but won't add an inch to your waistline? Good tea makes for good work!

Order your tea stocks and have them delivered to your office using our Royal Mail delivery service. If you're in a hurry for the order, no problem just order over the phone and we'll have it with you as quickly as we can.

If you would like to join the Plymouth Tea office tea club please complete the contact form below with your business name, location and the contact details of someone we can get in touch with.

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