Hotels and Restaurants

The Luxury Tea Experience

Give the luxury tea experience. Introduce Plymouth Tea and see how good quality tea will improve your customers overall experience.

As a tea lover, there is nothing worse than a poor quality, flavourless cup of tea. When you're away from home, finding somewhere that offers a decent cup of tea is a real challenge and those establishments that do make the grade are worth remembering.

Enhance the mood

Whatever the mood and style of your hotel or restaurant, serving good quality tea can help to amplify the overall dining experience and make sure your establishment is one customers will remember. Tea has never struggled in the popularity stakes - there are so many different serving styles available that can capture tea drinkers attention. Even better, it doesn't have to cost more or involve complicated staff re-training to introduce your customers to good tea. In fact it could just be the boost your business needs. People love the idea of locally sourced, quality produce. Make tea a part of the experience.

Your tea menu

We work with a number of hotels and restaurants who know the value of good tea. If this is something you think would appeal to your customers but you would like some advice then please get in touch. We will gladly work with you to plan your tea menu and help you find the most cost effective solutions.