Why Choose Plymouth Tea?

We simply love tea. We are passionate about quality and eager to encourage more people to experience tea as we feel it should be served. 

Our single estate tea grows on the banks of the river Tavy in the Walled Gardens at Maristow on the outskirts of Plymouth, one of only a handful of tea plantations in the UK and the first in Devon - a great talking point for our customers.

We don't except compromise. Our teas are of the highest grade and are blended by tea masters with years of experience. Each tea is ethically sourced and picked at peak season to ensure the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. We're proud to serve our teas and are confident you will be too.

We don't compromise on taste

There is no doubting the success of the traditional teabag, it offers speed and convenience. The trade off for this has in most cases been the quality and taste of the tea. However, all of our tea bags contain premium tea and have been designed in such a way as to give both convenience and taste.

It really does pay to serve high quality tea

A high quality classic black tea blend can cost as little as £0.02 per cup at trade prices which is significantly less than even the basic low grade teabag. Being a local supplier, there is also a saving on the environmental cost of transport and packaging and of course the tea tastes so much better meaning your customers will be delighted.

Making a start with Plymouth Tea

Sometimes the wide choice of teas available makes choosing a supplier a daunting and sometimes confusing task. We can assure you that we will be with you throughout the buying process and will help you find just the right teas to meet your requirements. We want your venture with Plymouth Tea to be rewarding on all fronts and so will support you every step of the way. As a valued customer we are always here to answer any questions you or your staff may have.

Plymouth Tea Starter Packs

Perhaps you're pushed for time or simply would like us to choose a range of teas for you to begin with? Whatever the reason, we have just the solution for you. Plymouth Tea's trade starter packs give you everything you need to begin serving high quality tea. Complete with tea menus, training notes and teas from our best selling blends the Plymouth Tea starter packs offer you a simple, easy way to quickly start or upgrade your tea service.

Sample Plymouth Tea

We've said a lot about how good our teas are, but we are happy to put our words to the test. We'd love to send you some samples so don't hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss which teas you'd like to try and organise sending you some tea samples today.