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No matter if you are just thinking about opening a tea shop, or have been established for many years and are looking to add to your range with new, high quality teas, Plymouth Tea would love to be involved.

Opening a Tea Shop? Plymouth Tea Would Love to Help

You can probably tell we are pretty passionate about tea.  As a local business we work hard to maintain high levels of support and customer service. We can tailor our service to your needs. We can help to develop a complete tea menu with quality products that will enhance your business and help increase your profits.

Wider range, smaller packs, easier to store

Our larger pack sizes come in neat, vacuum sealed pouches, which means you can offer our teas without having to invest heavily in large volumes of stock or storage space. We also offer our smaller retail and sampler packs for resale too.

    International Delivery

    We ship Plymouth Tea world wide, so, if you're a teashop outside the UK, we can service your needs cost effectively too.